z. Nutritional Quality of Sorghum Silages . The well matured plant can be . Although sweet sorghum is fairly investigated species, little is know about the efficiency with which the crop can use nitrogen (N) applied in the form of cattle slurry. "The same things that make sorghum difficult for livestock, like the anti nutritional components, are actually good for the western world where we have great degrees of obesity," Mr Naidoo said. Sugarcane aphids also can become a greater problem in late-planted sorghum, making an insecticide seed treatment a good recommendation for 30 to 40 days of control. Since sorghum contains high moisturising contents, it is a very difficult task to make hay from it and hence, it is provided as silage to the cattle to eat. A corn/forage sorghum mix is a good combination for a split pivot arrangement in which two crops share one pivot. The longer chop length allows cows to make proper use of the higher nutritive values of BMR forages within the rumen. Th erefore, legume establishment and growth would improve by soil testing and subsequent fertilizer and When tops have been frosted, new shoots may regrow at the base of the plants. Co- 4 grass is a high yielding variety and contains about 11 per cent protein content. Sorghum is also used for manufacturing sorghum syrups and sorghum molasses. McCollum said the key to using sorghum silage instead of corn silage is to replace the corn silage on a fiber basis and not dry matter basis. A half-inch chop is typical for standard forage sorghum varieties while a 1-inch to 1¼-inch chop length is recommended for BMR hybrids to achieve the proper rate of passage for cattle. Harvest early, soft-dough stage at the latest. How much sorghum will be available this year? It is, however, unsafe . Apart from the uses for humans, sorghum plants are also used as fodder for cattle. Sorghum represents 3% of the global cereals production, according to Sorghum ID. This works well with early corn planted between April 20-25. Sorghum cereal grass is primarily grown to provide grain to cattle and serve as fodder. Barley is the best grain for lot feeding cattle, but wheat, triticale, sorghum, maize, and oats can be used. "The Mindanao Development Authority (Minda) is promoting the planting of Sorghum in Mindanao as an additional feed material for the growing livestock and poultry industry of the island," Piñol said. Sorghum-almum, also called Columbusgrass, ... Cattle will frequently avoid the tall frosted growth and graze the young shoots, which may contain toxic levels of prussic acid. Sorghum and maize grain are very comparable in terms of energy. Forages for Beef Cattle Garry D. Lacefi eld, Jimmy C. Henning, and S. Ray Smith Jr. Less than 10% of the forage land is soil tested. In years of warm weather hybrid sorghums have gotten as good as, if not better than, corn silage in recent years, Bell said. Feeding Corn and Sorghum Silages to Beef Cattle . Intercropping of sorghum with pulses or oil seeds, paired planting system (30/60 cm) is good. mixture of 80 percent ground sorghum grain, 10 per­ cent protein supplement and 10 percent salt as cattle are placed on pasture and continue until slaughter weight is reached. Alfalfa hay is often recommended for dairy cattle, but may not be a good fit for beef cattle, since it can lead to bloat. These can be high in prussic acid. Forage Sorghum and other Summer Annuals • Energy value of these forages is roughly 90% of corn silage. “We talk about forage sorghums being a drought-tolerant option but it really does have the ability to maintain tonnage and quality under extreme adverse conditions,” she said. Brown Midrib Grain Sorghum Residue ... crop leaving 1600 lb of “good stuff” for cattle • 800 lb/acre would really be consumed, not ... • Research on Sorghum WDGS as a supplement for cattle grazing low quality forages is Sorghum grain is used for the production of alcoholic beverages, including beer and liquors. Legume hay is another nutritious option for cattle, since it’s high in protein. Maximum returns of soybean, green gram, pigeon pea, groundnut and safflower may be obtained in paired rows of 30/90 cm with two rows of intercrop in 90 cm space. Sorghum grain can be utilized in the rations of dairy cattle as a replacement for maize grain. Forage sorghum is a good summer annual grass for silage. Important management steps to sorghum silage quality are: 1. trampling of the “good stuff” • Downed grain is a little safer . The crop is a good fit for different types of ethanol production including the traditional starch from grain, sugar from pressed juice and high biomass production.

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