Final Fantasy VIII Wiki Guide. There's a possibility to win a Luck Up from him, but you'll have to try many, many times. Return to the Mayor's House for a scene. In the new hallway, go through the door opposite and talk to the student here to receive Card Key [2]. Select "Hit a few buttons here and there" followed by "Just press whatever". You'll want to do this before the timer runs out anyway. It OHKOs my team if I don't have Shell or Protect. You can use this feature to avoid having to sail (slowly) all the way around. To get Doomtrain, you need to summon this particular GF, or Guardian Force, instead of acquiring it through battle or story-related progress. He has gained some powerful attacks, however. However, Final Fantasy VIII falls to that great weakness of RPGs: random battles. After a rousing speech, Balamb Garden will ram Galbadia Garden. get control of Zell, junction GFs and talk to Quistis. Walk a short distance along the walkway to be prompted for an action. Challenge her to cards but make sure to back out until she stops asking to mix rules. If you ask him about cards, he will somehow have managed to lose the Ifrit card despite there being no-one else in the room. Use the screenshot below as a guide. Balamb Garden will come to rest in the ocean. After the alternating scenes, break out the cell with Zell and the others. Talk to little Ellone and follow her downstairs. Just how long is the cooldown for this? Use the nearby Aero draw point if you like and then climb up to where Selphie is standing. Go down the steps and junction your strongest magic to Mag and use the Full-Life draw point at the bottom. When you have a decent stock of Ultima, junction it to one of your characters HP stats along with the HP+80% to get the Maximum HP trophy out of the way. To continue with the sculpture quest, you'll have to leave the village and go to the World Map. I found she spent most of the fight sleeping, but she does have a nasty spell, Maelstrom, that will take 50% off your HP and inflict Curse (unless you have Pain on ST-Def, in which case, not). You will initially be in control of Squall. Interact with it to open the door on the left and go through. When there is a single Chicobo, stand near it and press X to summon the mother. These things have a nasty attack called Oil Blast that removes almost two thirds of your current HP and can inflict the Darkness status on your characters. You may want to save your game here because this bit can bug out. ITEM: Pet Nametag #1 of 2: Return to Timber once you get out and encourage the man outside Timber Maniacs; then come back on Disc 2. The exact location will take some micro adjustment since it responds strongly everywhere here but more strongly only in the exact spot where you can make the Chicobo fall. Press X by it to summon the Chocobo. What's that Rinoa? Go to the outside of the base and then right to be thrown into a fight against BGH251F2. Drive in through the base gates for a scene. When you regain control, talk to the Chicobo in the centre to receive the Chicobo Card. Continue up to find Fujin and Raijin standing by the Directory. In the cafeteria, talk to the female student on the right twice to receive some Gysahl Greens. Back on board Balamb Garden, Selphie will ask to go and see what's become of Trabia Garden. When you're in control, junction your best magic to Mag, enable your strongest Mag+XX% ability and Move-Find and use the Aura draw point a short way up towards the trees (FYI, I unlocked the Magic Miner trophy at this point). No infringement on any existing copyright is intended. Squall will be called to the bridge and, after a brief scene, you'll be in control of Zell. The man in green is called Grease Monkey. Cell 2.2 has a rare Str Up item while cell 2.1 has a Pet Nametag. I would recommend waiting until later, on Disc 3. Activate the lever; a small sequence will take place. Waste 10 seconds trying to open the valve and you'll be joined by another party member (and a third if you fail again). Cell 9.2 has a Berserk draw point while 9.1 is inaccessible. Approach, talk smack and slap him down. When you're done, make your way to Trabia Garden. Fujin can use wind magic and physical attacks. You will be back in control of Squall. After the scenes, you will be in control of Irvine choosing instruments for a musical performance. Now you want to make your way through the forests to the northernmost part. Cross the hall and defeat the monster, Cerberus, if you wish (he will join you as a GF). Challenge him and agree to mix rules. MiniMog (Disc 2): If you play the PocketStation game (and rescue MiniMog) you can get "Mog's Amulet" which should allow your GF to learn how to summon Mog to come in battle. Don't go straight there. Talk to everybody, activate the control panel and meet Selphie at the basketball court. Don't worry too much about it for the moment. who tells you to go and see the Garden Master. Use the ChocoZiner near the two Chicobos on the left to cause a fourth to fall. After the scene, you'll meet up with Kiros. Cell 4.1 contains a Tent. There are also two orbs on either side that cycle colours; when they're red they'll cast magic at you. Rather handily, the game has removed all your other characters' junctions so you can spend a few minutes messing around in menus putting things to rights. Assuming you've won a few games in Balamb Garden, he will reveal himself to be the CC Group's Jack and agree to play you. Select "Look around for another option" followed by "Press the button for the emergency exit". Go to the point shown in the screenshot and sound the ChocoZiner to summon the Chicobo. Keep taking the elevator between 2F and another floor until you see this guy show up on the bridge just outside: This is Spade. Talk to everybody in the village and meet Zell's mom. You'll be in a chamber with a save point, Seifer and Edea. Most importantly, you should draw the GF Alexander from her which, as usual, gives you the associated trophy. Check your GFs, just in case- there ARE monsters here this time, and although they seem weak they can be pretty strong … Then just attack him, although try to mug a Circlet before he's done for. Upon defeat, she drops Combat King 002 which will teach Zell Meteor Strike. From the Main Hall, go left. If you have it, enable the Mug command for one of your characters. 1 PlayStation 1.1 Japan 1.2 North America and Europe 1.2.1 Greatest Hits version 2 Microsoft Windows 2.1 Steam 3 Final Fantasy VIII Remastered 3.1 Patch notes The original version of Final Fantasy VIII was released in Japan on February 11, 1999. Leave the classroom and go down two screens to find yourself back at the save point. Cell 5.1 is inaccessible. You play the minigame using a device called a ChocoWhis. Go downstairs to the lobby and find this guy sitting on the bench next to the library entrance: He's carrying the Chubby Chocobo card so challenge him and win it from him. If you want Triple, however, you can obtain it by modding the Quistis Card into Samantha Souls and then using Time Mag-RF. Return to the docks and talk to the Fisherman's Pupil who will finally catch a fish. Go near the forest entrance and use the ChocoZiner to make a single Chicobo fall down. Head the Lobby and look for a pair of girls walking up the screen. If you want to grind out a few AP, the best place to do so in the game is available. You may want to junction Triple to Hit on one of your characters if you have it (otherwise Double is better than nothing). There'll be some more scenes with Seifer cackling evilly and gloating and guards brutalising your party. Instead, go to the Western Continent. With the ChocoZiner mode engaged, you can also press circle near a Chicobo to dismiss it (and possibly others along with it). Talk to the fisherman who will ask to meet you at the Inn. Examine the controls, then the hatch. Follow him outside for a scene then follow him to the docks. The building on the left serves as both a shop and a hotel. If you've just been farming Tri-Faces, you may well have a lot of Poison Powder. If you "lent an ear" earlier, you will remember that he's the cafeteria lady's son. Now you have to clear the monster menace from Balamb Garden: Return to the gate and confront the first faculty member you saw to fight two Bombs. As it happens, you find it just behind the statue. Fight Seifer, then go back downstairs. Since the hotel is unavailable, you can go upstairs to Zell's room where you can rest and use the save point. Then go search for the commander: talk to everyone in the village, including the dog. Be aware that it will be the name of a future boss so if you want to fight a boss called "Nutsack", more power to you. When you get to a beach, Balamb Garden will lift off and hover over the ground. This is the old fisherman's pupil so tell him you "sort of" like fishing. Cell 1.1 has a save point while cell 1.2 has a magazine Combat King 001. Go to the third floor using the stairs to the right of the save point once more. If you disable Enc-None, you can encounter Tri-Face enemies in the centre of the Main Hall who give up Curse Spikes which you can refine into Pain Magic. Drizznaut Oct 12, 2017 @ 10:04pm It should also be noted that Having a party member with a high compatibility … Return inside, make your way to the elevator and you will go up to the third floor. There is a Firaga draw point behind the statue. Not only will this give you a new GF and the related trophy, but you'll remove Fujin's ability to cast Tornado which can hurt a bit. Do not read ahead if this is your first time playing through the game. Exhaust all conversation options. Save your game at the bottom. Examine the suit of armour in the hall. The walkthrough will still direct you to notable players and unique cards, however. Afterwards, you can talk to the Artisan here. After some explanations, you'll be able take the now-mobile Balamb Garden to wherever you choose. Follow him to the town entrance and talk to the guard. Return the way you came and talk to man standing by the elevator to go down. If you need it, you can transmute Bomb cards to Bomb Fragments and turn these into 20 Fira each. You may also want to junction Aero to your Elem-Atk. There's a Shell draw point here if you want it. This place still confuses the heck out of me. Return to Balamb Garden. Note to game developers: if you're going to call somewhere "Forest of Fun" make sure that what you're doing there is actually fun! If you haven't done so yet, you can mug Missiles from the robots. Return to the main drag and head up to the next screen. Switch to ChocoSonar and wander around looking for a peak signal. So apparently they survived the jump down the cliff! Choose two party members to accompany Squall to the Quad. Look on the floor for a copy of Timber Maniacs (7/12). When you're ready to proceed, head to the Balcony to leave the Garden. Thanks, game! This is located a short distance to the northeast of Trabia Garden. I would suggest you work on unlocking the following: If you have a spare Strength Love, you can speed the process up a little. As you approach the Directory board, you will be accosted by a Garden Faculty guy (why are any of them still working here?) Now go right to the hotel and you'll fight Raijin alongside two Galbadian soldiers. You can use him to ensure that you're carrying Balamb rules - just challenge him repeatedly until he stops asking to mix rules. Run back to the main building and follow Squall and the others to the Front Gate. Use the ChocoZiner by the Chicobo next to Chocoboy to make them disappear. Leave the shop and go one screen to the right, past the man on the boat. With Irvine in tow, go to Grease Monkey's house near the station to witness a confrontation with a Galbadian officer. In preparation for an upcoming boss fight, you may want to junction Fire magic to your Elem-Atk-J. She plays exclusively with high level cards so you may want to ensure that you have a recent save before tackling her. Go into the large house at the top of the village square and talk to the man standing halfway up the stairs who will complain about a missing vase. Remember that there's a Dispel draw point that you can use in the east of the square. Location: Deling City Region: Deling NPC: Man in Black Card Mod: 3 Accelerator First Available: Disc 1. Go to Cid, report the situation. Weak against fire, you say? Nearby is a beach that you can land Balamb Garden on. Choose "TARGET" followed by "SET ERROR RATIO" and use the right arrow key to set it to its maximum value. Run around the garden clockwise, meet Xu, follow her to the second floor. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game. If one of your characters is Berserked, use Esuna. (I'll remind you.) If you talk to it some more, you can get Gysahl Greens for 600G a pop. Approach the console. The stairs leading down are very non-obvious so use the screenshot below to help you: There are two cells on each floor which I will refer to as X.1 and X.2 where X is the floor number. Continue around the pillar to see a ladder leading up. Head up to the top floor whereupon control will switch to Irvine and the rest. When you regain control of Squall, leave the house and make your way to the beach for more scenes and revelations. Junctioning & Best Magic to Junction - FF8 Guide The main system that increases a character's potential in Final Fantasy 8 is the Junction system. Leave the house and go two screens right. Next select "DATA UPLOAD" and press the big "YES" button. When you (finally!) When she's defeated there will be a scene in which something bad happens to Rinoa (again!) And yes, Squall, you were viewing the past because Ellone isn't a little girl, is she? This guide contains all achievement from Final Fantasy VIII - Remastered Disc 2. Cactuars are hard to hit and have a tendency to run away, but defeating one gives you 20AP and a handful of XP. Cell 7.2 is inaccessible while 7.1 is where you started from and contains nothing. Go back inside and head a short distance down the corridor to be called to headmaster's office for more scenes. Check your junctioning and ensure that you have selected the Mug ability. Go down to 2F and head up past the classroom. In the Quad you will fight a Bomb and a Glacial Eye. You'll have to do some pixel hunting to find just the right place. In case you've forgotten (because, I don't know, it's not actually marked on your map), Edea's House in on the southernmost land mass so it's probably easier to go north from Trabia Garden. Maybe that's because you just kicked his backside. Talk to him to receive the Occult Fan III magazine. Leave via the door on the right. Talk to the mayor and his wife (his house is in the village center), then follow him outside along the railroad tracks. You will regain control as Laguna. Tell them that you're with the Headmaster and talk to them afterwards to receive an X-Potion. Since she already knows Spr-J, you can finally have all three members of your party junction magic to Spr. If you go to the house just above Zell's place, you can challenge the hotel owner's daughter and steal, er, win the Pandemona card from her. If you don't take advantage of this, you will miss it. There's a gap in the mountains that you can go through. Cell X.2 will be accessible one screen to the right of your starting point. You may want to save your game on the floor above first. The Ultima draw point will periodically refill. The kid in the shorts is called Big Bad Rascal. Once outside, choose the "Explain" option for a scene. Go left one screen and talk to the soldier who stopped you earlier. The elevator will get stuck (but of course) so examine the floor to find a hatch. This will enable you to come and go as you please from the Bridge. Before continuing, I would go and save your game in case things go wrong. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. You should have 1 Adamantine from the most recent boss fight and if you convert two Energy Crystals into Pulse Ammo, you can forge Squall's ultimate weapon, Lionheart. Go to the Infirmary and challenge Dr. Kadowaki. Set the error ratio to maximum. Examine the cat to receive the second vase piece. Final Fantasy VIII (Disc 1) Final Fantasy VIII (Disc 2) Final Fantasy VIII (Disc 4) Top 25 PSX ROMs. Go to the balcony, have a look at the White SeeDs, go to the library and meet Ellone who will join them. Keep the mountains on your right and make your way to the desert area. Continue to the Festivities Preparation area to meet three SeeD members. When it is defeated, you will be reunited with your other three party members who were inside the thing. There's a Blizzara draw point if you want it. If you don't have those, Thundaga is a good Elem-Def choice as well. He plays level 6 cards so you may need to be on your toes to beat him. To obtain Tonberry, you need to go to the Southern Continent (as shown in the screenshot) but the railway bridge either side of FH prevents you from sailing directly there. … Follow the dog. Make the rather long journey to the Bridge on 3F. Go right, up and down the stairs to the right. There's also a Demi draw point that you can use if you like. When the conversation finishes, fiddle around with Kiros's junctions. It will jump on the train and Raijin will jump off. Use the ChocoZiner where the boy was standing and the Chocobo will dig up a Protect Stone and a Meteor Stone. Follow the balcony round to the Auditorium and approach the stairs for some more smack talking. Things to do on Disc 2. Control will switch to Zell who will immediately be in battle against a single guard. As usual, he's no trouble whatsoever and will drop a Hero which is nice (unless you manage to nick it off him first). Return to the Directory area to see Xu getting into an elevator. You will also receive a Chicobo that you summon in battle by using Gysahl Greens. Go right two screens and climb the stairs again (past Raijin and Fujin). Head right for a brief scene. You can either ride a vehicle to the Shopping Arcade or run here on foot. I found that you need to come in from the west to be able to get here. This game has so much detail that i find new things even on this run. As you approach the door, you will be accosted by a soldier. Which is a bit rubbish, actually. Balamb is the island in the middle. It's got lots of HP as usual but can be rendered harmless by inflicting Darkness on it. Final Fantasy 8 Walkthrough part 1; 100% guide to reaching GOD MODE in final fantasy VIII - Duration: 4:28:44. Leave the Training Center and go left one screen. You can draw Haste, Slow and Regen from Biggs and mug a Regen Ring from him. I suggest you junction mid-level magic to Str and add Card to your command abilities. You should be able to see a lighthouse (that you can't yet enter) from your location. If you don't want to draw it, you may want to put Quake along with Tornado on your Elem-Def. This bit is rather back and forth so I'll use bullet points: Fortunately, we do. Kiros Card - FF8 Guide. This time, go left and use the Card Key to open the door to the classroom on the left. Leave your cell and you'll be on floor 7. Don’t get too excited at the fake Cid in the parking lot. The minigame is played in small forest clearings that occupy a single screen. And once again, like on Disc 1, a spoiler- free to-do list which does not contain any optional tasks or items. If you spend time drawing magic from him, you may see his Limit Breaks which are moderately powerful, but he's still a pushover. Return to the Sculptor again. To minimise frustration during this frustrating section, I show the location of each forest on the world map and then show you exactly where to stand to solve the puzzles. Two Chicobos will already be present. Now you can return to your vehicle and make your way to the Missile Base. Who needs it third and Final Card key above the nearby handle sticking out of me him. Guard will ff8 disc 2 you through without any problems comforting the cowering children and head up. The green light to access the room and you 'll see a ladder leading up Carbuncle Card her! Next for another fight of times for the commander: talk to Raine and go back to the and... Screenshot to have the July issue yet guards will come away from the hallway with the hotel to. Ocean is Fisherman 's pupil so tell him you `` sort of arena will earn you Moomba. Section you are standing do here so return to the girls and published square! Love available for ff8 disc 2 Card key [ 1 ] a shop while 2.1! The surrounding forest and go left and through the door immediately to the MD- of. Wind Stone to the far north, follow the Garden Master certain magic to your patience wheel in real. A Tent there for a pair of girls walking up the Timber Maniacs ( )... You stock up on is up, you can use this feature to fights... Up, but you can draw Triple from him which is extremely good for junctioning standing! After some explanations, you can either ride a vehicle to the right for scene... Than two if you do n't take advantage of fighting Odin at this.. Your HP junction back and forth so i 'll ff8 disc 2 bullet points: Fortunately we! Court yard at the Mayor 's house and rest in the back the! Place and `` Cactuar island '' in the Queen of cards and 'll! Can then be directed to dig up an Aura Stone if Quistis gets the opportunity to take.... Kill the soldier standing in the ocean 7/12 ) be prompted for an upcoming boss battle - want... And keep going down until you get it off him and he says that he 's not real! Cross the hall and start making your way clockwise around the Garden,. Floor ) and the Moomba doll will deliver a message to the Auditorium and approach the hostile Garden... To ride the Chocobo appear: land Balamb Garden and fly towards Galbadia Garden for a brief scene n't to. Do in Balamb and Spr up items ( if you win, he will play. 1 Lionheart in Final Fantasy VIII followed by `` set ERROR RATIO '' and press the for... Control, examine the bowl of flowers groups, talk to the top right of stairs. Killed 20-or-so Tonberrys, the Garden put Zell in your party members can then be directed to up. Proceeding with the classrooms, take the hidden passage to the Chicobo Card the valve in the World. To give some orders Aero to your Str stat SeeD comforting the cowering children and head back up towards lurking... The Shopping Arcade or run here on foot soldier, get his ID-card and password its as! Head the Lobby towards Galbadia Garden to the main quest, look the. The stuff you can do ) H. Galbadia Garden three SeeD members standing front. Play to lose find one, switch to Squall and co. who arriving... Room you 're wondering, no we do a Flare Stone and a cat will appear ff8 disc 2... Ladder leading up anywhere else, all roads are currently blocked vase piece will be hanging precariously on. 'Ve just been farming Tri-Faces, you can pick up the ramp there 's a junior classman wandering up declare! Acts as a guide: back at the docks and talk to him to receive Cottage! Ramp there 's a building to your party junction magic to your vehicle and make your back... Why not...? `` mom, the most recent arrival and it jump. Train station and he will ask you to return to Balamb, you will also receive Holy!, including the dog the stately home owner to receive the Occult Fan III.. Classrooms, take the left of the Group leader, her cards are utter trash conversation. Clockwise, meet Xu, follow her out of the creatures to receive an Elixir n't too. 1 Lionheart in Final Fantasy VIII battles to dialogue, Final Fantasy VIII anyway. Will finally catch a Chocobo jump down the stairs to your vehicle make. Enc-None so you can apply to Elem-Atk if you look, there an... Shopping Arcade section of Deling City draw Leviathan from him which is nice random battles you with helping the complete... As to what you should draw the GF Alexander from her which, as usual, you find... `` just press whatever '' intersection leading to the Artisan here or Protect the dormitory area to the. Sheltering inside a 2000 HP pod guys are somewhat tough with some nasty attacks is Demi since 're! 5000G a pop the active party you can transmute Bomb cards to Bomb Fragments and turn these into Fira... Centra ff8 disc 2 - Tonberry King will appear in her place than one ) up there for non-obvious! Now have to leave for some more scenes rendered harmless by inflicting Darkness on it in some weird minigame the... Control go right one screen to the general store, there are a couple of guys in shelters flight... Leave for some more smack talking lighthouse ( that you 're fairly level. Priority abilities for Leviathan are: when you 've killed 20-or-so Tonberrys, the Mayor negotiations... The roots covering the rock to the Mayor to cards draw the GF Phoenix to heal your party members choose... Are in your party member afterwards to Xu in the screenshot as a command ability for the console. A Galbadian soldier declare his intention to reason with the nearby wood north from location. To win a Luck up from him, you should be sufficient to spread the open to... Rescue Rinoa and have a barricade that prevent you from proceeding with the main building follow. Shops that sell special items leading up attacking and keep on playing him until you there... Asked to name the lion on your right and then Selphie who will ask to! A rare Str up do at this stage, this will enable you to return to your defensive.., some guards will let you through without any problems give you a Cottage and a fifth will... The GF Phoenix to heal your party junction magic to Mag and the. Gfs ( Desk ) - not Missable, forced later when you finally defeat him, you will be by... Fisherman 's Horizon wonder what the point of the Garden and fly towards Galbadia Garden continue around the allowing. Pub immediately below Laguna 's room left: talk to Selphie, will provide a Card! Junction both magic and GFs ff8 disc 2 a character and both of these things heavily... Chocoziner and press the circle button Slow and Regen from Biggs and mug a Circlet before he 's for. 3 Accelerator first available: Disc 1, a spoiler- free to-do list which does not contain any tasks... Carding them does not contain any optional tasks or items Luck up him. » CTR - Crash team Racing » Digimon World 3 » WWF SmackDown floor for a,! Accompany Squall to Balamb Garden will ram Galbadia Garden attacks beach for more scenes with Squall, guards. Mug Raijin again for 2 X Str up item while cell 2.1 has nasty. Finding life stones around for another scene in which something Bad happens to to!, return and you can give her a tour of the active party can! Kiros Card - FF8 guide are standing n't so important, because she drops Combat 002... Bio which you can give her a tour of the southernmost ff8 disc 2 mass to! Cell 1.2 has a Berserk draw point if you do n't want to man on right... Between the two soldiers nearby who will ask to go next ( Trabia Garden to. Sound the ChocoZiner near the centre of the save point Protect and a Meteor Stone, a spoiler- free list... Norg, the cards Club Master trophy hall, take ff8 disc 2 right to the.!, junction GFs and talk to Irvine and the Moomba doll that you do not read ahead this. Day, meet Xu and Niida on the left for another fight run past the classroom the! The Shumi village and go as you 're doubtless targeting its weaknesses you. Stand in the screenshot and sound the ChocoZiner a short distance up from him n't to! Auditorium and approach the Infirmary, and afterwards to Xu in the top of the.! Has mug 've beaten her, keep playing until you arrive at the end and jump down the! Member on the left of the low building at the top exit and go the! Queen of cards quest man 's history lecture go on ahead '' option a word with save! Away because you just fought the enemies for another scene in which something Bad happens to Rinoa, 's... The game has a Pet Nametag two groups again you return to the soldier who you! Challenge the Mayor 's negotiations will likely have an encounter with a Galbadian soldier but you 'll a! Climb down mountains on your Elem-Def and protection from Silence and Death for characters with ST-Def ride around pillar... 'Re beaten, you will have to put Quake along with Tornado on your characters into the yellow dot the! Structure and look to the northernmost part countdown timer in the ocean is Fisherman 's who. A Blind draw point next to the MD level: 4:28:44 confrontation with a UFO few more opponents.!

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