Map of India depicting States where Sanskrit is still largely spoken. Its reach extends to countries such as India, China, Japan, Korea, Tibet, South East Asia, South Asia, Europe, and the United States. Today, 150 of the 400 students in the local Sri Sharada Vilasa school study Sanskrit as the first language, with English as the second language and … Today, Sanskrit is still used on the Indian Subcontinent. This animated map shows how Sanskrit may have come to India ... About half of the planet’s population today speaks an Indo-European language. As an integral part of Hindu tradition and philosophy, Sanskrit is mostly used today as a ceremonial language in Hindu religious rituals. On a serious note; today in the midst of Hindi & English, Sanskrit is a language that is almost left out by a lot of Indians. Sanskrit can be spoken and used in daily life and it can be learned in a lively and enjoyable way. In the medieval era, Sanskrit continued to be spoken and written, particularly by Brahmins (the name for Hindu priests of the highest caste) for scholarly communication. is a required subject in many schools. It is always being said that Sanskrit is an eternal language. Sanskrit is considered as ‘Dev Bhasha’, the language of Gods. Although Sanskrit is mostly used today for religious and cultural rituals, many different languages can trace its roots back to this classic language. The classic liturgical language of Hinduism has a … In a country of over a billion people, there are about 14,000 people who claim Sanskrit is their mother tongue, an analysis of Census numbers reveals. It is one of the rare villages in India where Sanskrit is spoken as a regional language. The study of Sanskrit may become difficult if the learning process is based only on understanding and remembering dry grammar rules and their application in translation exercises - what we can call "grammar-translation-method". ... a single language and was spoken by a … Mattur is famous as the ‘Sanskrit village’ of India. Spokensanskrit - An English - Sanskrit dictionary: This is an online hypertext dictionary for Sanskrit - English and English - Sanskrit. But a lot of languages have taken things from sanskrit like ancient greek. The language of Sanskrit never had a proper birth & even though it slightly seems to disappear; no matter what Sanskrit will never-ever fade away. It is the ancient language of India. The online hypertext Sanskrit dictionary is meant for spoken Sanskrit. Sanskrit is the vernacular of a majority of the 5,000 residents of this quaint, sleepy hamlet, as shopkeepers, laborers, and even children speak it fluently. Sanskrit is an old language of India, which is commonly used by priests and scholars of old texts including many religious ones.It is the sacred language of Hinduism.Today, about 14,000 people in use it as their daily language. Sanskrit is not spoken any more. Even though it is not a spoken language, its significance is such that it is one of the 22 official languages of India.